Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lungs/ Grad show

Hi, I figured I should upload a bit more of my thesis work to this blog, at least the pieces that aren't exclusive to my portfolio website :) which you can find at http://www.thepenciltrail.com

The Lungs were thought to be moist and cool in contrast with the heart's innate heat. They were also responsible for respiring the pnuema (spirit) from the air. It has also long been notes that the lungs/throat were the source of speech.

Grad Show!

If you are in Toronto May 6th - 9th you should come on down to the 95th annual OCAD grad show! My work will be on display for all to see along with many other great Toronto illustrators, and all other form of visual artists! I will probably be there in person too! It will be at 100 Mcaul Street which is coincidentally right next to the AGO and it is FREE to attend! for more details please visit: http://apache.ocad.ca/events_calendar/eventdetail.php?id=1896

I hope to see you there!


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