Monday, August 23, 2010

Cicadas/ IF Atmosphere

Hi all, I am back in the country again! I drew these cicadas in the south of France while staying in Teyran. They definitely created quite an atmosphere with their mating calls. It was really, really loud at all times of the day. This was done from sketch to matrix to first artist's proof in about an hour and a half. I just reprinted it today which took about 20 minutes for a varied edition of 15.

If you like seeing my process let me know, I am working on a series of images documenting my process. If you'd liek to see them I will post them here.




dosankodebbie said...

I LOVE it!! I'd always thought of cicadas as having an Asian association, but I guess I was wrong. I've made many an etegami (Japanese folk art) of cicadas, but your version seems so fresh to my eyes. I love the colors too.

Jacquie said...

@ dosankodebbie

Cicadas live all over the world, we have them here in Canada as well. I'm glad you like my image. Your folk art had some very lovely colours and washes to it (unfortunately I couldn't find a cicada to compare).

Linda Hensley said...

When I was little, we used to wear the shed cicada shells as jewelry on our shirts. The more the better. Nice memory, nice art :)